Sunday, March 11, 2007

Get rich Quick!

I usually start my blogs with a picture. This one is an example of “art” done with a computer as opposed to a canvas, paint and brush. I still rate it as Art. I would have a framed picture of this on my wall and of course with modern printers the artist could do a limited edition and sign and number each copy and sell on EBay! I imagine with the right marketing it wouldn’t be too difficult to convince people that a picture produced with a computer was “art”. This would of course be very profitable.

Making money is about making people believe what you want them to believe. Who would believe any painting could be “priceless”; but people do. Even postage stamps become so collectable they sell for millions.

I was asked to read a leaflet about a “get rich scheme”, which was almost certainly a bit of a con. It was a nice story and very believable. But why would some guy with a great method for making money share it? He was obviously out to sell his book!

You need to be able to influence what people believe – we have established that. You need some knowledge and skill. You will probably need capital, cash to get your money making scheme working. You may even need to do some work!

How do you make someone believe in your ideas? You have to be convincing and to be convincing you have to believe in it yourself!

I’ve recently become interested in Betfair a market for gamblers and money made from gambling in the UK is tax free and so very attractive. Betfair has been going a few years now and is a great website . It’s not like a bookie, its better. You can place bets at better odds than the bookie and lay bets too. Laying a bet is taking a bet from someone else. Let us say there are 8 horses in a race and the prices range from 2-1 on the favourite, they use decimal odds – so that means you bet £2 you get £4 back at 2 -1 winning £2. Let us say the outsider in the race is 25 -1 and you click and lay all 8 at £2 each. You are taking 8 bets on every horse in the race. That is a total of £16. If the favourite wins at 2 – 1, you pay out £4 and make a profit of £12. One in three favourites on average does tend to win. If the outsider wins at 25 -1 you lose £50 on that bet – a loss of £34. The latter is unlikely to happen! So laying every horse in a race except rank outsiders over 100 -1 will bring in a profit. You do need some cash to play with and be prepared for the odd outsider to come in. The more capital you have the more money you can make. Sometimes, you can back a horse say at 10 -1, 30 minutes before the race. The punters are still watching the last race! When they start betting and the price drops, especially if it has a popular jockey on board – then you lay it at say 5 – 1. If it wins you win £20 on the bet, lose £10 on the lay – so make a £10 profit. If it loses – you lose nothing – you bet it to win and to lose!

If you happen to be in the USA – sorry you can’t use Betfair it’s illegal. But people from around the world do. If you do decide to open an account, they will ask if you have a referral code – never miss an opportunity! Use mine! It’s QLLQ3RGQF and that will give you a free £20 bet after you’ve got 50 Betfair points. You build up points by using Betfair regularly. But your points are reduced by 15% every week. The more points you have the less commission on winnings you pay. You can bet on anything, soccer, tennis, golf, whatever you know about. You can bet on whether the Federal Reserve will increase or decrease interest rates this month!

Getting more popular is betting on share prices whether they will go up or down and is obviously more economical than actually investing money in them. A guy has this system that he says works. When I look at the graphs of share price movements – I tend to believe his system does work. He watches the graphs and when a price goes up he bets on it to go up the next day too and if a price goes down he bets on it to go down the next day too! Simple as that – and I checked the graphs and it looks like it would work. The cycles seem to last at least a few days when shares go up or down and he only bets on just that one 24 hour period.

I would advise against roulette! But some websites allow you to play for fun! So try this system. Bet £1 or $1 or whatever on Hi, med and low numbers. Whichever wins, bet £1 on that and increase your stake 50% on the ones that lose. So on the next bet the losers you would bet 1.5 – but you round up to a whole number so bet £2. The next bet would be £3 on a loser and then £5 (4.5 rounded to a whole number and so on). When a section wins go back to betting just £1. Try it on an online casino that allows you to play for fun! You usually win. It is not a good system though! Computers select the numbers and they are not random enough. Would it work in a real casino with a wheel – I would be interested to find out!

If of course, you have no money and want to make some. Try blogging and put adsense on! Just like this! You can also get free web space and add adsense. This is great for people on Myspace! Why have 1 page when you can have 100 with 300 adverts on - all pay per click. The clicks earn from 3 cents to $1.50 and you can email me – I’m always happy to help anyone trying to do their first website. My email address is a button at the bottom of the page on my website. I mention adsense – because it makes you the reader less blind to the adsense on this page. You may click an advert! Lol I hope this inspires you and makes you think. If people read it and click the adverts – I write more from my experience of money making ventures. Be sure to pay a visit to my tiny website. Visit too, the Googlepages site I started last week. I have put some tips on to help you. The main one is select a template with a border the same colour as the page! My Googlepages – . I haven’t done much yet – but you’ll get the general idea!

Good luck – be adventurous with your ventures!

Best wishes from England.


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